The " Inclusive River " project starts on July 31st and will continue until September 7th .

Everyone , absolutely everyone, will be able to participate throughout the summer in the excursions organized to discover its secrets. A journey to discover the river ecosystem aimed at usability for inclusive tourism which sees the city among the 19 on the Abruzzo coast partner of the Abruzzo Region which has obtained the "Bike to coast for everyone" financing.

The service is free for disabled children who can be accompanied by a family member, always free of charge and upon request at the time of booking, by a specialized operator.

The aim of the project, as mentioned, is to make the Pescara river accessible by experiencing it in a way that is difficult to do.

You will travel aboard a catamaran that has all the characteristics to accommodate people with all types of disabilities so that they can fully enjoy the experience of learning about the history of our river, how man has modified it over time and its usefulness. This is thanks to the support of specialists for physical, visual, cognitive and hearing disabilities.

The project includes environmental education activities linked to the life of the sea and the river with excursions on the river with the RTI "l'Ancora-Mediterranea" and at the EcoSpiaggia Playa Paleo on the northern seafront. They will be treated from naturalistic aspects to those of a more scientific nature, without forgetting those of a historical and cultural nature. The river as an environment, ecosystem, landscape-shaping agent, fulcrum of life and point of reference for man who has always taken root in its vicinity, must be inclusive.

With the initiative the Municipality therefore intends to create a sort of open-air laboratory made up of experience and knowledge.

The project is coordinated by the rup ( single person responsible for the procedure ) and the architect Ester Zazzero who is responsible for the ecological transition and valorisation of the sea and river in the sector directed by the architect Emilia Fino .

For information and to book you can call 347 5551068.